A Community Dance Party public art project
Woonsocket, RI

Resonance is a color + music public art project.  It explores the intersection of color and sound with an emphasis on our personal, deeply subjective associations with songs and colors.  What does color sound like? How do your associations with music and color overlap with and differ from mine?

For the first in a series of presentations of Resonance I partnered with NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley in Woonsocket, RI.  Posters, banners, postcards and social media presented a bright, vivid orange throughout the city of Woonsocket and asked people what song they think of when they see this color.  They were then invited to text their song suggestion to me to be played at a community dance party that took place the evening of June 24.   DJ Elementary worked from a complete compilation of all the song suggestions to create an exuberant mix that reflected the energy of this community.

In an effort to reach as broad an audience as possible – and to create a dance party that reflected a wide range of ages, ethnicities and backgrounds – we spread the word about the event in Spanish, Laotian, French and Khmer, as well as in English.  Posters hung in a wide variety of locations, including schools, senior centers, restaurants, parks and health clinics.