Horizon 10

Horizon 10, 2017, ceramic + chiffon, 4 x 20 x 1 inches

Horizon 10 is part of Golden,  a series that explores the shared sensations of two seemingly dissimilar cities: Los Angeles and Istanbul. The pieces combine color, material, light and space to explore the affinities I perceive between these two cities, examining their concrete commonalities, like ceramic tile and proximity to water, as well as the atmospheric sensations of both locations. Their historical and cultural differences serve as a compelling counter to the shared essence of these locations. 

detail – Horizon 10

Golden builds on previous projects like Limitless and Lonesome and Baker Bridge Road, projects that scrutinized physical locations and translated their sensory attributes into a group of reductive works executed in a range of materials, including paint, Plexiglas, fabric and light. My working process aims to identify sensations and associations from personally significant and carefully chosen places, and allow them to evolve into their own autonomous experiences that expand beyond their initial sources.

Golden comprises large-scale installation pieces and a constellation of smaller individual works. The group includes small and large-scale drawings (colored pencil, gouache and acrylic on paper), sculptural wall works made with ceramic tile, Plexiglas, fabric and paint, and large-scale installation pieces that include ceramic tile, Astroturf, glass, fabric and vinyl curtain.