acrylic paint, drum kit, live performance
painted square: 8.5′

December 8, 2007, 4-6pm
Curated by Matthew Deleget and Rossana Martinez

In December 2007 MINUS SPACE presented BEAT. The piece translated an earlier work, Lena’s Beat, from an intimate wall piece to a large-scale installation and performance. BEAT combined specific, yet inherently unrelated elements: color and music. The shared space and resulting energy were the focus of the work.

The performance consisted of two hours of solo drumming by Peter Catapano, Paul Corio, David Grollman, Nancy Polstein and Douglas Witmer. BEAT was a collaborative work that was completed by the participation of the drummers and all those who attended.

In 2012 BEAT was included in Notations:  The Cage Effect Today, an exhibition exploring John Cage’s legacy.  The show was presented at Hunter College/Times Square Gallery and was curated by Joachim Pissarro, Bibi Calderaro and Julio Grinblatt.