Delphi Lodestars

Delphi Lodestars
cast lead crystal and glass
group of 12 rock objects
fabrication by Steve Easton Cast Glass
site-sensitive commission: permanent collection of
Fidelity Art Collection

Polygreen Culture & Art Initiative (PCAI) and the Fidelity Art Collection inaugurated their group exhibition at Pi Foundation, Global Center for Circular Economy and Culture in Delphi, Greece, with works from their respective collections. The curators Patricia Dellorfano, Lexi Lee Sullivan (Fidelity Art Collection) and Kika Kyriakakou (PCAI) noted: “The Keeping Time exhibition, with works by Carly Glovinski, Lynne Harlow and Charly Nijensohn, functions as a reflection on time and materiality embedding the environmental concerns of both collections.”

Delphi Lodestars, my site-sensitive work commissioned by Fidelity Investments, was presented in Delphi as part of Keeping Time. The piece includes 12 cast lead crystal and glass rocks whose forms and colors were developed in conversation with the surrounding atmosphere and landscape.